Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Disney Comics - The Whole Story has finally been released in English thanks to Theme Park Press.

Alberto Becattini is THE worldwide Disney-comics expert (along with David Gerstein) and his book is THE definite history of Disney comics around the world. A "must have" which fills a huge Disney history gap.

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Christian S. said...

Don't you mean "fills a huge Disney history gap?"

Disney comics were such a big part of my childhood. Were
most fondly of Don Rosa's stories, and solving detective stories.
A few issues of Donald Duck & Co have survived with me during adulthood, while the rest of the 1997-2003 collection were threwn
out during a cleaning-day, I recall. Even some Donald Duck pocket books have survived with me, and what fascinates me from one of my pocket books the most, is the Disney version of The Never-Ending Story