Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Time for a quick update about the projects I am currently working on:

1. You already know about the next volume of Walt's People (Volume 18) which will be released in just a few days.

2. And you have heard about They Drew As They Pleased - The Hidden Art of Disney's Musical Years which is scheduled for release on August 30, 2016.

3. I am currently helping David Johnson with the editing of two books similar to Walt's People which will collect the fascinating interviews he conducted about the making of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The first one of those should be released in August or September. The second one at some point in 2017.

4. September this year should also see the release of Ross Care's excellent book about director Wilfred Jackson, complete with Ross Care's letters from Wilfred Jackson and Jackson's recently uncovered diary.

5. As for next year, aside from Walt's People - Volume 19 and the second volume of David Johnson's interviews, I am hoping to get some recently uncovered material from Leo Salkin (a short autobiography, a diary, etc.) in shape for publication.

6. Along with Paula Sigman-Lowery, Jim Hollifield, and Todd Pierce I am also trying to edit all the interviews that Paul F. Anderson conducted with Ken Anderson in order to release them in book form during 2017.

7. And finally, there is They Drew As They Pleased - The Hidden Art of Disney's Character Model Department, whose manuscript is now complete and which should see the light of day in September next year.

This is fun.


Christian S. said...

Great! Looking forward to those book titles

OMC said...

Am I safe in presuming the Ward Kimball diary is on the back burner? In your opinion should I just give up hope of ever seeing Amid's Kimball biography?

Thorsten said...

This is fun???

This is horrible for me because I´m still reading three books at one time right now!

Just kidding! Looking forward to these books.


I´m really reading three books right now.....

Didier Ghez said...

OMC: We are still working hard on the Kimball diaries but that is a much longer term project considering how thick and complex to edit each volume is. I still have hope that Amid will release his manuscript in one form or other someday...

Matt said...

So fantastic. Looking forward to them all.