Friday, July 15, 2016

If you have read Mel Shaw's autobiography, Animator on Horseback, B-1st, or the recently released Walt's People - Volume 18, could I please ask you to review them on Amazon?

By the way, here is the table of content of Walt's People - Volume 18:

Foreword: Tom Sito
The Mique Nelson letters
Dave Smith: Katherine Kerwin
Michael Barrier: Gerry Geronimi
Ross Care: Gerry Geronimi
Ross Care: Ward Kimball
John Culhane: Ward Kimball
John Culhane: Dick Huemer
Ron Merk: Ken O’Connor
Janet Martin: Chaperone for Donald Duck
Kathy and Richard Greene: Herb Ryman
Don Douglass: Five Years with Walt
Bob Thomas: Ken Peterson
Alberto Becattini: Kay Wright
Bill Spicer: Del Connell
MICA Productions: Elma Milotte
Doobie Moseley: Bob Gurr
Jim Korkis: Bob Gurr
Didier Ghez: Bob Gurr
Michael Broggie: Barbara Palmer
Julie Svendsen: Hani El-Masri


Christian S. said...

The authors behind Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: An Art in Its Making also interviewed the artists and animators behind the movie. How about including their interviews with your book series?

Didier Ghez said...

I wish things were that simple!

Bob McLain said...

To emphasize Didier's request: these books aren't cheap to produce, and the best way to ensure more of them is for Theme Park Press to sell more of them. To make that happen, take a moment and leave a review on Amazon.

The Shaw book is a good example of how one negative review (by Didier's nasty stalker "A. Gass" - real name Doug Stone) can poison the well. Without enough legitimate reviews to counteract it, sales slump, Mel's family wonders what it did wrong, and the prospects for additional books grow dimmer.