Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Walt's People - Volume 17 was released earlier today. Happy Holidays!

Here is the table of contents:

Foreword: Jake Friedman
Dave Smith: Lorina Butler
Vernon Steele: Leigh Harline
John Culhane: Jim Macdonald
Woolie Reitherman
John Culhane: T. Hee
My Job At Walt Disney’s by Mary Lou Whitman
Jack Hannah
Michael Barrier: Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston
John Culhane: Ken Anderson
Bill Spicer and Vince Davis: Dan Noonan
The Autobiography of Bill Wight
Dave Smith: Jack Bruner
Art Stevens at CalArts
Bob Thomas: Bill Anderson
Michael Broggie: Bill Anderson
Dave Smith: Bob McCrea
Bob Thomas: Bob McCrea
The “Lost” Joe Potter Interview by Jim Korkis
Jay Horan: Harper Goff
Didier Ghez: Phil Mendez

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