Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I have not yet watched The Good Dinosaur. Unfortunately The Art of The Good Dinosaur did not inspire me to rush to the theater, even though I heard that the latest Pixar is quite a good movie.

The Art of The Good Dinosaur is a beautifully produced book, as is always the case with Chronicle Books, but I can't manage to find the artwork interesting. To be totally honest, though, dinosaurs do not excite me much as potential animated characters and this book did nothing to change my mind.

Of course, I have all of Chronicle "art of" books, so I was really glad to add this one to my bookshelves.


Thorsten said...

We saw this movie on Sunday and I have to say its quite good. The landscape is awesome animated and its one of the best I´ve ever seen. Great work PIXAR!

Percy said...

Family and I saw it a couple of weeks ago. Story is basically Pixar's "The Lion King." Admittedly, the character animation is a bit odd when compared to its backgrounds. But those backgrounds! Some of the most beautifully animated and most realistic backgrounds I've ever seen. I constantly found myself trying to determine if they were filmed or animated. Although maybe not the strongest of Pixar stories (you can tell they struggled with it during production), it was a fun and enjoyable movie. The Sanjay's Super Team short was also a joy.