Monday, October 19, 2015

The Disney Book by Jim Fanning is a marvelous book about everything Disney. It is not a book for Disney historians however, but a book for future Disney historians.

In other words: if you know of a smart kid that loves Disney and wants to know more about all your can think of in the Disney universe, The Disney Book is the perfect introduction to bring him or her as a gift. You won't find rare, never-seen-before photos, or documents that have been freshly unearthed, but you will find all the photos and images that we love and that will give beginers a taste of what Disney history is about. 

The layout is very enjoyable, the range of information covered is very broad, and the book is likely to get a lot of kids excited about the universe we adore. Not a small achievement. Congratulations Jim!

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Jim said...

Thank you so much, Didier!