Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Before Ever After: The Lost Lectures of Walt Disney’s Animation Studio by Don Hahn and Tracey Miller-Zarneke is a revolutionary book. It is the kind of book that raises the standards for Disney history books overall. It's close to 450 pages long and when you start looking at it, you know right away that Don and Tracey tried to make every page special (they succeeded). Every document included in the book has been selected with extreme care. Most of the photos and illustrations have never been seen before, each of the lectures is special in its own way. The authors found a lot of great material and then started digging even deeper to find even more treasures.

This is the book I dreamed would be released about Disney's Training Program. It's "practically perfect in every way."

Of course, the only criticism one could raise, is one that could be raised about many books that are dear to our hearts (the criticism apply to my own books too): we wish the book were even larger and included even more of those rare illustrations and lectures.

Let's hope the book is immensely successful. I would love to see a volume 2 released some day

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