Thursday, August 27, 2015

I discovered this exceptional Japanese book last week and ordered it on right away. I had never seen so many examples of artwork created by the Disney artists during WWII reproduced in a book. Combined with David Lesjak's Service With Character The Disney Studio and World War II (which contains the English explanations) this becomes a truly fabulous reference book and a "must have". 

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ten-cent media said...

Hi, Trying to identify the following: If email provided I will send some photos.
8” X 5” Mickey Mouse Brass “Book”
Rectangular book with Hinged Round Brass Door with pull knob showing Mickey Mouse waving. When the door is opened it shows the same drawing in black and white under glass. There is also a brass tab on top that, when pulled up, turns the black and white drawing into color. Marked 1930 at the top and FIRST EDITION at the bottom. Both sides as well as the top and bottom are scalloped.

The back shows a small insert of Mickey Mouse, has the number 003 stamped into a small circular metal piece and at the bottom left corner “Disney 1930” is crudely etched. I would consider this “one-of-a-kind except for the number 003 appearing. This item may have also been mailed as-is because there is a year-appropriate 20 cent Special Delivery stamp attached near the number plate. Any address label would have been torn off.