Monday, July 06, 2015

Walt's People - Volume 16 has just been released. I am very proud of this new volume. Here is the table of contents.

Foreword: Joe Campana
Dave Smith: Lou Pesmen
Robin Allan: Grim Natwick
“Abstraction” Not Key to Toccata-Fugue by Miles Pike
[Sequence] RX-1 Has Long History; Rich in Anecdotes by James Algar
Rite of Spring – A Jaunt 6,000,000 Years Back by John Hubley
“Dance of the Hours” Is Art That Conceals Art, Layout Head Explains by Ken O’Connor
Try Beef-Trusters For Dance of Hours by Larry Lansburgh
Ave Maria by Ed Gershman
“Fantasia” Cutting Most Complex Job; Footage Exceeds 5,000,000 Feet by Bob Cook
Women Contribute to “Fantasia”; Help In Layout, B.G., Animation by Roberta Lanouette
Unknown Interviewer: Gyo Fujikawa
John Canemaker: Gyo Fujikawa
Mark Langer: Hicks Lokey
Jack Bradbury: Autobiography
Jack Kinney
Nick Nichols
Marc Davis, Milt Kahl and Bill Tytla at Chouinard
EMC West: Ken Annakin
Richard Holliss: Irwin Kostal
Michael Broggie: Lucille Martin
Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston: Woolie Reitherman & Mel Shaw
Jay Horan: Claude Coats
Jim Korkis: Sully Sullivan
Didier Ghez: George McGinnis
Bill Watkins: How Computers Influenced Roller Coaster Design
George McGinnis: Walt Disney World’s Space Mountain
George McGinnis and Bill Watkins: Disneyland’s Space Mountain
George McGinnis: Horizons
George McGinnis: On Track
Bob Thomas: Jack Buckley
Didier Ghez: Ted Kierscey

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