Monday, June 22, 2015

Eric Larson's autobiography will be released by Theme Park Press at the end of this week if all goes well. Joe Campana, Bob McLain and I spent a large part of the weekend working on it. The book contains a lot more than Eric's lost manuscript. Here is the table of contents...

Memories of Eric by Burny Mattinson
The Lost Memoir by Didier Ghez
A Short Biography of Eric Larson by His Brother Roald Larson
50 Years in the Mouse House
Eric Larson Remembers
Larson in Mexico by J.B. Kaufman
Mexican Trip Sketchbook
Notes About Animation and Entertainment
The Lectures
Mentoring with Eric by Dan Jeup
Memo from Don Graham to Walt Disney (December 23, 1935)

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jim korkis said...

I am amazed and delighted that Larson's manuscript has been so enhanced with so many extras. I am also grateful that Bob McLain continues his outstanding support of Disney history. As you so often put in your Disney Books list, this is obviously a "must have".