Friday, May 01, 2015

This just in from the Georgia State’s Digital Collections via Mark Fleming. Mark and his brother, (who happens to be an archivist at Georgia State University) are wondering if one of us could help them recognize the people who appear on those photos along with Walt Disney and Johnny Mercer (and Clarence Nash on the one at the bottom, of course). Can anyone help?

[UPDATE from Joe Campana: The kids in the bottom photo are Luana Patton and Bobby Driscoll.] (I know, I know, I am terrible at recognizing people!)

[UPDATE 2 (from Alexander Rannie): "In the middle Johnny Mercer pic that you've posted I think it's actress Bette Davis on the left, then Mercer, Walt, and possibly Buddy DeSylva (co-founder with Mercer of Capitol Records)."]

All images: Stephen Taksler Collection, Popular Music and Culture Collection, Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library.

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Anonymous said...

Luana Patten ...

That looks like when they did the wax recording of Song of the South; Johnny Mercer was the producer, narrator and singer, along with the lids from the movie!