Monday, March 16, 2015

Update on current book projects

I spent part of this weekend correcting the last batch of galleys from the first volume of my new book series The Drew As They Pleased. I am very proud of the result both text wise and illustration wise. Most of the 400 illustrations have never been released before and a very large part of the information included in the text is brand new. The book should be released around September this year. More about it soon.

In parrallel, a few weeks ago, I have sent the manuscript of Walt's People - Volume 16 to its contributors for review. I am expecting to see it released around June of this year.

Finally, the Eric Larson autobiography is moving along, though a little slower than originally planned. I am awaiting a few elements from a contributor. Provided I get those elements by some time in April, I am hoping to see the book released around the end of June at the latest.

And of course I am already hard at work on They Drew As They Pleased - Volume 2 (which will be full of extremely exciting surprises content-wise and illustration-wise), Walt's People - Volume 17, and (along with Ross Care) The Wildred Jacskon Letters and Diaries.

The Ward KImball Diaries and a few other side projects which are sligthtly more long term are also keeping me busy. This is fun!

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