Thursday, December 12, 2013

Didier Ghez: Why did you decide to release an updated edition of your biography of Paul Frees?

Ben Ohmart: Perhaps from the time I finished the 1st edition, I knew there would be a 2nd edition. More and more info kept coming in and I had to put a stop to it sometime, or else the book would never get out! And then when the family of Paul's first wife found me and said they had letters to and from he and his first time from WWII, that's when I really started working on the 2nd edition.

DG: How much of the new information is related to Paul's Disney career?

BO: I'm afraid Disney fans who already have the 1st edition aren't going to be impressed with extra Disney info. There is none. But. If you're a True Disney fan, like me, you're going to want to know more about Paul Frees, the Person. And this book has more personal info about Paul the man and husband than the 1st edition, by a long shot.

DG: You are rumored to be working on a biography of composer Buddy Baker. How is that project progressing?

BO: My part has been done for probably 2 years now. I'm afraid I've been waiting on Disney composer Tish Eastman to finish her part - on the Haunted Mansion and Disney music. I did everything else. But I can't get responses from her, and I know my contract with her has run out. So maybe I should try to find someone else now. Someone with a great knowledge of Disney music, to work with.

DG: Any other projects linked to Disney that you are working on at the moment?

BO: Not personally. But we have new books coming out monthly, so I'm sure there will be Something. I hope to have something related to The Black Hole next year. I love that movie.

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