Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Mickey's Tour of the Walt Disney Animation Department

This just in from Jeffrey Jones:

[Back in January I asked if you had any information on or a copy of  "Mickey's Tour of the Walt Disney Animation Department".  And although you did not have it, you were kind enough to post my inquiry on your Disney History blog.  Unfortunately, no one responded.  Fortunately, on a recent visit to my Mother's, I found the book in which it was featured.  Thinking you may want to read it or share it with your readers, it is attached to this email.]


Major Pepperidge said...

Boy, those are some tiny jpegs! I originally saw something similar to this in the famous 1963 issue of National Geographic, it looks like the photos of the little paper dioramas are different in whatever book this is.

Floyd Norman said...

Set up some years ago, this display was eventually taken down and put in storage. Now, it's been dusted off, cleaned up and is back on display on the second floor of the Animation Building. (It was originally on the first floor)

It's still there now available for viewing.

Hans Perk said...

See also this posting on my blog from May 2009.