Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I missed this incredibly rare Mickey Mouse book from Iceland on ebay recently. Aaargh.


Anonymous said...

Since I do live in Iceland, I was totally unware that there was any Disney material that was published pre - 1980, when the Danish Anders And magazine were cancelled for distirbution in Iceland in favor of Icelandic published Andrés Önd Maganine in 1981. But according to the Icelandic libray database gegnir.is, its appears to have been orignally published in 1939 and is ca 32 pages, with imgages, It seems to have been republished twice. But it cannot be loned out, so if I'm going to check it out will have to do it so at the library. I could take trip to my local library for you if you need to know something more about. But unfortunetly that cannot happen until next week as i'm currently sick, and the library is closed over the weekend.

Al the Best
Kristján Birnir Ivansson

Didier Ghez said...


Thanks for this information. What I would really love to understand is if there was any other Disney book released in Iceland in the '30s.