Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Speaking of Disney's Lost Chords, did any reader of this blog realize that Disney launched earlier this year digital albums on Amazon featuring the never-released Disney songs?!!

As part of this great series you will be able to get:

Cinderella, The Aristocats, and The Rescuers (thanks to Greg Ehrbar for the heads up about all this).


Lionel said...

The Cinderella lost chords songs (demos and new recordings) are also available on the new CD edition of the movie's soundtrack.

And Peter Pan lost chords will be released digitally on February 5, the same day the Blu-ray edition is released.

Bruce Bohner said...

I've bought all three and really enjoy them. Looking forward to Peter Pan's.

Steve said...

For any of you who use Spotify, these are also available on that service.

Biller said...

Amazing ! This is cool!