Friday, October 14, 2011

This just in from my good friend from Serbia, Sasa Rakezic:

[I have just came across the material that will maybe be of some interest to you. These are the photos, made in the 1930s Serbia, from a collection of Belgarde's artist Vladimir Peric, better known as TALENT, which is his art name. He made a significant collection of found photos, from different periods, that he is exhibiting and presenting under the title of CHILDHOOD MUSEUM. He's got 1000s of images, mostly made by amateurs and in the cheap photographic studios. I'm forwarding you just some of his photos related to Disneyana, please do let me know of your opinion...]


Anonymous said...

This post interests me.

I recently purchased a Donald Duck kids costume that looks like it's vintage.

Whether it's store bought or made by someone at their house doesn't matter to me. It reflected the old Donald of the 30's which I like.

Maybe you'd know a little bit about it?

Here's the page from eBAy.


If there's anything interesting to say, please email me. I'd appreciate it.


Didier Ghez said...

Could you post the correct ebay link?