Tuesday, September 13, 2011

As we know, in 1933 a version of Alice in Wonderland which would combine live action and animation was discussed between Walt Disney and Mary Pickford and a test was shot in Technicolor. Would any of you happen to have access to that footage? I would love to see it.


Craig C. said...

On the latest Blu Ray version of the 1951 Disney Version. In the "Special Features" section. They talk about the 1933 version. Angela Landsbury says in the piece that the color picture here, is the only single frame that survived from that "test" version. It wasn't explained that happened to the film.

Jeff Kurtti said...

The Holy Grail of the Disney Vault. Years of searching all the Company film repositories have not turned up anything. It is believed that Technicolor may have held the negative, and either lost or discarded it.