Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This photo just in from Julie Svendsen.

Joe Hale, who saw it this week sent the following information:

[Back Row: Julius Svendsen, Art Stevens, Jack Boyd, Elmer Plummer, Jim Swain.

First Row: Hamilton Luske, Jimmy Trout, Joe Hale, Duncan McLaren (Mac) Stewart and John Emerson. Ruth Wright was the Unit Secretary.

This is a picture of Ham Luske's Unit when they were doing WW of Color TV shows. Probably was taken in the mid-60's. Ham was the Director. Svendsen and Stevens were the Animators, Boyd was the Effects Animator. Elmer Plummer & Jimmy Trout were BG Painters.
Jim Swain was the Asst. Director. Joe was the Layout Man, Mac Stewart was co-Director, and John Emerson also did special effects work.]

My sincere thanks also to Hans Perk and Floyd Norman for helping solve this small mystery.

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