Friday, May 27, 2011

There is really "treasure everywhere," as mentioned a few days ago on this blog.

Jim Korkis had heard that a few years ago, Disney Legend Ron Logan had written his memoirs. Finding that manuscript became a small obsession with me (as is always the case when I hear of the autobiography of a key Disney artist or executive).

A few weeks ago I managed to track it down. It turns out that the "book," written by Logan in 2001, has been released as support material for a course that Professor Logan teaches at University of Central Florida. Titled Walt Disney Entertainment, A Retrospective Look (1955 - 2000) it offers a very interesting history of Disney's live entertainment in the parks, through Logan's and some of his colleagues' recollections.

If you decide to order it, it will reach you as 144 not-bound pages (As mentioned it really is seen by Logan as support material for his course, not as a book - although that's what it really is after you bind it).

Thanks to my partner in crime Jim Korkis and to Ron Logan's assistant Bill Zanetti I was able to find out how to order it. Just follow this link.


Bob said...

Ordered myself a copy. Thanks for posting link.

Todd Pierce said...

Thanks! and ordered!