Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I have to admit that I probably would not have thought of picking up this book. But I had the pleasure of receiving of a review copy and I feel lucky to now own it. As you probably noticed, I have become fascinated by the True-Life Adventures over the past few months and African Cats seems to be a worthy successor to that classic series (I have not yet seen the movie but I am now looking forward to it thanks to this beautiful book). In addition, our trip to South Africa a few years ago exposed us for the first time to the beauty of that continent and of its fauna. A sense of wonder which never left me.

Which is probably why I started reading this bookthe moment I got it and loved every bit of it. The text is well-written. It is beautifully illustrated. It feels like a very long issue of National Geographic. My only reservation is the fact that it does not feature any image about the making of the movie. In other words no photos of men and women actually shooting it. And no words about pre-production work.

In summary: A beautiful book, which you will love if you are interested in African wildlife or in contemporary True-Life Adventures.

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