Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We learned today that Disney Legend, Imagineer Collin Campbell had passed away. I am especially sad when I think that Collin does not seem to have ever granted any interview, which means that all of his stories and memories are now lost forever. You can read obituaries here (Jeff Kurtti) and here (Jim Hill).

[Update: Don Peri did interview Collin Campbell in 2005 for the Walt Disney Family Foundation.]


Steven Hartley said...

Is this the same Collin Campbell who did layouts for Lady and the Tramp and 101 Dalmatians?

Didier Ghez said...


Steven Hartley said...

Ah, Gee thanks. Another veteran gone. I believe that there aren't many veterans left but I can think of:

Don Lusk
Blaine Gibson
Tyrus Wong
Mel Shaw
Bob Givens
Willis Pyle
Gene Deitch

I don't know the rest.

Floyd Norman said...

Some years ago, a sizable group of Disney layout and conceptual artists met for a lunch in Burbank. I was lucky enough to attend this gathering of giants. Collin Campbell along with many other Disney veterans attended.

For most, this was the last time they would ever see each other. Now, Campbell has left us. Truly sad.

Mike Kendall said...

That's my Uncle Buck or Collin Campbell to all of you.. When i was a little kid 1964 1965? I remember being in his house in his art studio and he was painting the Disneyland map.. Which was huge and located on the 2nd floor.. Years later I asked him how did that painting ever get out of his house..He said Disney brought a crane and took it out the 2nd story window...