Monday, April 11, 2011

Gunnar Andreassen made me discover last week a new auction by Heritage Auctions, which contains a few fascinating items: a nice series of Horvath drawings (which project is this??) and two drawings by Barks in the style of Gottfredson. The caption says: [In November, 1935, Carl Barks submitted several Mickey Mouse illustrations, done in a similar style to Floyd Gottfredson's 1934 daily strip storyline, "The Bat Bandit of Inferno Gulch." The samples got him in at the Disney studio.]


David said...

Weren't the Barks' images reproduced in the Mickey Mouse in Color book from several years ago?

Michael Sporn said...

The Horvath images look like the Georg Psl short, Dipsy Gypsy. Did he work for Pal?