Thursday, March 31, 2011

A really beautiful day for me is a day when Michael Barrier decides to release one of his seminal interviews. We had four dry years until a few weeks ago when Michael started to publish about one interview a week. Yesterday saw the release of his (and Milt Gray's) Milt Kahl interview.

I believe the only thing that could make me happier from a Disney-history-related stand point would be to see Michael publish some of his interviews with more obscure (or seldom interviewed) Disney artists: Aurelius Battaglia, Homer Brightman, Bob Carlson, Phil Dike, Carl Fallberg, Gerry Geronimi, Campbell Grant, Jerry Hathcock, Eustace Lycett, Cliff Nordberg, Martin Provensen, or Ralph Wright to name a few, as well as his interview with Tex Avery. I have a feeling that we might not have too long to wait. Beautiful days are here again.

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Steven Hartley said...

Michael Barrier told me that he wanted to interview Nordberg before - but he declined his request. Agreed, I want to see more interviews with guys like Gerry Geronimi, Bob Carlson, etc.