Friday, March 04, 2011

Julie Svendsen just emailed me to let me know that an exhibition of Walt Peregoy's art is happening until the end of March at the John Aaroe Group located at 14242 Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks, CA. Some of you in the region should definitely consider visiting it.

As a reminder:

[After joining Walt Disney Productions in 1943, Walt Peregoy contributed his unique talents to a number of classic animated features and shorts including "101 Dalmatians", "The Sword in the Stone", "Sleeping Beauty" and "Paul Bunyan" to name a few.

In 1958, along with Marc Davis, Eyvind Earle and Josh Meador, Walt participated in “4 Artists Paint 1 Tree”, a short documentary directed by Josh Meador that illustrated the diversity of the artistic talent of The Walt Disney Company.

In 1974, Walt joined Walt Disney Imagineering where his creative skills and unique visual style helped shape the EPCOT Pavilions, The Land, Journey Into Imagination and Wonders of Life.

Ever since he could hold a pencil, Walt's prolific creativity has yielded paintings, drawings and sculpture. To this day, he still creates his art in his home studio.]

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