Tuesday, March 08, 2011

In April last year I mentioned a live-action project produced by Carl Fallberg and Lars Calonius and featuring several Disney artists, called Grizzly Gulch. I just realized that more info could be found abou that project in Robert Tieman's book The Disney Keepsakes.

In the issue of the Studio’s internal newsletter, The Bulletin, from April 4, 1941, repdoduced in the book, we find the following article by John Hubley:

“Grizzly Gulch. Produced by Carl Fallberg and Lars Calonius. Directed by Lars Calonius. Ass’st. direct: Andy Engman. Photography: Lars Calonius. Cast of players: Carl Fallberg, Homer Amos, Andy Engman, Dan Noonan, Tee Hee, Lou MacManus, Dan MacManus, Cornett Wood, Ted Baker, Mel Shaw, Jack Atwood, Bill Keil, Thelma Futch, Joe Gayek, George Roether, Bob Youngquist, Cecil Beard, Bob Vogel, Larry Lansburgh, Andy Engman Sr., Paul Fitzpatrick, horses, trains, Ward Kimball, etc. Production shot on 16mm film. Shooting commenced May 1939; shooting completed December 1940. Locations used: Idlewild, Kernville, Hyperion. Entire cast composed of Disney personnel. Running time: 1 hour, 15 minutes. General release: next week.
The long awaited premiere of “Grizzly Gulch” rewarded its audience with a thoroughly entertaining, well-produced western melodrama. Picture is materially rich, tales a simple direct tale of murder and crime detection in the 1870s.Careful attention was paid to correct historical settings and costumes, achieving a remarkably professional result. Few flaws are apparent. Humor is somewhat hampered by slow telling, allowing audience anticipation to get ahead of the story; the musical score (via phonograph recordings) lacks dramatic build-up. But largely, this reviewer has never witnessed a more successful and less amateur production.”


Carla Larissa Fallberg said...

This is news to me. I never knew about the announcement in the "The Bulletin." My dad did ask Walt Disney what he thought of the film and he hesitatingly responded, "Well, it needs some work."
Thanks for posting it, Didier!

Amid said...

Carla, Do copies of the film still exist? Would love to see it.

Carla Larissa Fallberg said...

Hi Amid!
I don't recall if I ever responded to your comment, but yes, I do have the movie in VHS and DVD form. The original film I have never located. The film's rights are the property of myself and The Calonius Family Trust. I viewed it a few months ago and wished I could have taken notes from my parents on the identity of many of the players. It is like a family movie! Plans for it being released haven't been decided by me or the Calonius kids.

Didier Ghez said...

What is holding you up? W would ALL love to see it. I would GLADLY buy it right away.