Monday, March 14, 2011

Alice Jello Commercial with Gryphon and Mock Turtle

I just found this commercial on YouTube.

Unfortunately I could not find any information about this Jello commercial during my recent visit to the Disney Archives. I thought you would enjoy it in any case.

[UPDATE from Matt Crandall: This video originally comes from his blog and you can see some great comments about it at this link.]

I will be focused on Disney commercials from the '50s during most of the next few days.


Matt said...

Didier, that youtube user snagged that video from my blog, you can still see it there.

Floyd Norman said...

I would guess the Alice animation was pulled from the feature film. Looks like the pencils were re inked and painted for the black&white commercial.

I had forgotten how many commercials Disney had done back in the fifties. Quite a few, I imagine.