Monday, February 07, 2011

Here are a few more photos of the Bob Youngquist retirement party. Who can you recognize (outside of Ward Kimball, of course)?


Joe said...

Andy Engman is on the right in the first photo. Ken O'Connor is on the right in the second and John Lounsbery is, of course, smiling midway down the table on the right side in the third photo. Several other familiar faces, but I'm not completely sure of the names.

It's always great to have photos like these!

Floyd Norman said...

In Photograph number two, The women on the left are, Sylvia Niday, Mary Satterwhite and Ruthie Thompson. That appears to be Ken Anderson sitting next to them.

On the right in the third photo I can spot Vance Gerry, Larry Clemmons, Hal King, John Lounsbery and Jack Buckley.

Hans Perk said...

The top picture center is Fred Kopietz, at his retirement party in 1971. He came from Iwerks and Lantz, then animated on Donald Duck in Jack King's unit in the early 40s. Then as assistant with once in a while an animation scene. After his retirement he moved to Sedona, AZ where he passed away in 1991.

The gent on the very left in the second picture seems to be David R. Smith, the recently retired Emeritus of the Archives he created, a year into his working at the studio, and probably having a grand old time!