Friday, February 04, 2011

Any idea who the artists are on this photo?

(This photo apparently comes from the collection of former Disney artist Al Stetter and is being sold on ebay at the moment)


Joe Shelby said...

If the black man in the center is Floyd Norman, he might be able to identify the rest.

Anonymous said...

This is Snowball Prod.Bob Clampett's Beany and Cecil show 1962.

Floyd Norman said...

Nope, it's not me. It's my longtime partner and colleague, Leo Sullivan. Boy, he looks skinny.

I worked with many of these people at both Disney and Hanna-Barbera. Lou Appet, Karlis Smiltens, Sammie June Lanham, Bill Southwood and producer, Art Scott (in suit) to name a few.

In the second photo I can spot Steve Nakagawa, Carl Bell, Al Stetter and former union business rep, Bud Hester.

Didier Ghez said...

Anonymous + Floyd: Thanks!

Floyd Norman said...

That's correct, it is Bob Clampett's Snowball Productions. I used to drive over from Disney at noon. I met this beautiful young woman at the studio and we began to date. Boy, she was so cute, and I was so young and dumb.

Anonymous said...

And ... we don't even get to see that pretty lady!
Darn! ;-)

Floyd Norman said...

Just remembered Bill Nunes. He's the guy in the center next to Lou appet.

Kris said...

My Uncle is on the top left (these two photos are actually the left and right side). Here is who he remembers:

Top Row (left to right)
Karl Smiltens,Sammy Lenham,Bill Southwood, Unknown,Art Scott (director),Carl Bell, Unknown

Bottom Row:
Lou Appte, Bill Noons,Leo Sullivan,John Roth,Harry Hester

(nephew of Karl Smiltens)

Victoria Stover said...

Wow, Bud (Harry) Hester was my great uncle, brother of Pearl Jones who was my grandmother. Nice to find some history on him.

Kevin Nunes said...

Hello everyone, Im looking to find more information about Bill Nunes is anyone knows anything. Im not related to man (at least I don't think so). Im looking for just basic information, where was he born and how he got into animation. Perhaps a family member can help?

Thank you.

-Kevin Nunes