Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This just in from John Garvin through the Disney Comics Mailing List:

[I thought I'd stop by and plug my book. I normally try to avoid such crass commercialism, but I thought someone here might be interested in the material, andsince it's not going to get much (i.e. any) advertising, I felt that this sort of stumping was the only way folks would hear about it.

It's called After Carl Barks: Painting Fine-Art Cartoons in Oils. I spent about four years writing it, and 33 years researching it.

The book basically is a record of everything I know about Barks's paintings, from craft to criticism, and it's about how Barks heavily influenced my own work. There's a free preview on the website, so check it out.

I don't reproduce any of Barks's paintings in the book - for copyright reasons - so I assume readers have access to the Barks painting books (of course, everyone has access to images of the paintings from various websites online).

Obviously the book is intended for anyone who knows Barks's painting work well, or who is interested in fine-art cartoons as a genre. The book does reproduce much of my own work as I show examples of what I learned from Barks and how I've done what Barks himself asked me to do: build on his techniques and paint things that no one hasever seen before.

So much work has been published about Barks's comic-book career, and so little about his painting career, I thought a book like this was needed... but as you can imagine, it's more a labor of love than anything, since I've been painting as a hobby for more than three decades.]

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