Thursday, January 06, 2011

Help Needed!

Once again, I need your help to locate some rare articles and documents.

1. The Bulletin

Do any of you have copies of the 1939-1940 Disney newsletter The Bulletin? Would you then be willing to share copies of some of them?

2. True-Life Adventures

I am trying to put my hands on more material about the making of the True-Life Adentures. I recently stumbled online on the excellent article by Tom McHugh from Popular Mechanics (September 1954) titled Animals are like other People (which I would love to get as a pdf), but I am also trying to locate the following documents:

- The Lurking Camera by Walt Disney in The Atlantic (August 1954)
- Walt Disney's Naturalist-Cinematographers by Frederick Foster in American Cinematographer (February 1954)
- The very rare 20-page booklet titled New Explorations in True-Life Adventures and People and Places (1953)
- The elusive booklet or article titled The Story of Walt Disney's True-Life Adventure Series (1952)

Could some of you help?

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