Thursday, December 16, 2010

Looking for Ardis Sturdy

This just in:

[I’m researching a Colorado artist in the museum collection named Ardis Sturdy. I have found a couple of references to her being an artist for Disney in either “the 1940s” or “the early years.” I think her dates are 1918-2003.

Does that name ring a bell? Or, could you recommend a resource to try to track her down from the Disney angle?

The artist may have been in the ink and paint department as one of the jobs her nephew remembers his aunt telling him is that she painted the tail on pluto drawings.

She moved to Colorado in the 1950s and was an active artist until her death. Her later style is abstract.]

I have never heard of Ardis. Would anyone have any information about her?


Joe said...

RE: Artis S. Sturdy (1918-2003)
I have come across her name at some point, but I cannot recall where.

After some digging, I found her with husband Don W. (1919-1971) in Los Angeles (West L.A.)1950 thru 1954.
Also, she was in Minnesota early in life and may have been born there.

I'll see what I can find with regard to her time at Disney.

Didier Ghez said...

Thanks Joe.

Matterhorn1959 said...

Thanks Didier and Joe.

Anonymous said...

Ardis was born in Mankato Minnesota her maiden name was Seppmann.

Anonymous said...

i have two ardis sturdy paintings(prints?). an elephant and a lion. I would be happy to send photo of each...let me know.

breana said...

Ardis was my great aunt. She went through many phases of painting. She painted disney, abstract, people without faces, ballons, landscape and much more. She has some amazing work!

Anonymous said...

I have a signed pen & ink work by Ardis that is abstract and very whimsicle dated 1965. I was unaware of her career with Disney at the time I purchased it but was drawn to it by the youthful aire. My children ages 7 & 11 love it!
Truely a artist with spring in her heart.

Kari said...

I have an Ardis Sturdy sketch/print. This picture has been signed by the artist in 1972. Then a pencil signature was done, I believe for my mother, in 1973. The pencil signature is "Blessings
Ardis Sturdy,1973.
At this time I know that this artist lived in Casle Rock Colorado. I was very young but I believe this artist rented a studio apartment above my parents garage.
Anyway if you are still searching for information on Ardis Sturdy, I think my mother was close to this artist and remained in touch long after we moved away. I have the picture called "Molly Brown House" if you are interested.

Kari said...

Ardis grew up just west of Mankato, Mn and was my mothers friend thru childhood. Her maiden name is Seppman and her grandfather built and operated the Seppman grist mill which is now part of Minneopa State park.

TinyTeena said...

I studied under Ardis Sturdy sometime in the early 70s. I do not know if she lived at the little house in Castle Rock on Jerry Street, or just used it as a place to give lessons. I remember her having bright red fingernails and very dark hair. She wore mumus if I recall. I remember the paintings all over the walls of the faceless children with balloons, pen and ink animals, etc. She gave me oil painting lessons. I might have been 12-14. I drew some cartoons for the local paper and she told me that they were messy and I could do better. Chuckle. Interesting gal!

Unknown said...

Greetings and Salutations from southern MN. I am a great niece to this artist. I've recently been trying to see what's about there regarding her prints and hoping to do something with the many I have had over been passed down to over the years. I have always loved her work, especially the colors. It's funny to see the things written about her and her paintings. As a child, I always called them "bubble people paintings".
I'm unsure if this message will even be reviewed but wanted to reach out to further assist whomever work information regarding her.
Thank you for your time.
Heather Holmes