Sunday, August 22, 2010

Those great little Italian books come courtesy of Renato Crociani (whom I would like to thank for the images that illustrate this post).

This series of extremely rare unauthorized books about Mickey was apparently created in the '30s by the Roman editor Alfredo Mondini, but it seems they were still sold after WWII in Italy.

Each book is 32 pages long. The texts were written by Mario Scotto and most of the drawings were created by the artist "Aulis".

The series includes 11 books, whose titles are listed below:

-Topolino re dei cuochi
-Topolino cowboy
-Topolino e le sue scuse
-Topolino gran poliziotto
-Topolino nella Luna
-Ninna Nanna
-Pinocchio avvocato e Topolino imputato
-Pinocchio in duello con il pesce spada ( In it appears Mickey)
-Topolino si dà al commercio
-Topolino celebre dottore
-Topolino a scuola

In Topolino e le sue scuse, one is surpised to discover for the first time Mickey's mother (below).
To read (in Italian) about other intriguing Disney comics from Italy, I recommend a visit to the Disney's Vintage.

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