Thursday, July 08, 2010

This just in from George Colon:

[Knowing you, you're likely right on top of this, but I thought I'd send you an email anyway. The 25th Anniversary Art of Pixar Exhibit opens at the Oakland Museum on July 31st. The Exhibit Catalog is already available online, and at the museum store as well. I took a look through it, and there is a whole lot of additional content not found in the NY MOMA Catalog.]

Well I was not on top of this and I am really grateful for that bit of information.


daveyjones said...

indeed, i work at the oakland museum and i've seen the book. the title is a complete rebuild of the NY book, designed by chronicle books in SF. it includes several new chapters, a curatorial discussion and tons of art not found in the first edition, up to and including toy story 3. it basically brings the first edition (pixar at 20) up to the present (pixar at 25).

Celbi P. said...

OK, one more title for my list!