Tuesday, June 29, 2010

November 30. Mark that date. All the documetaries that we were waiting to see released on DVD will finally be available.

- The Boys: The Sherman Brothers Story
- Walt & El Grupo
- Waking Sleeping Beauty

Looks like a great big beautiful tomorrow to me.


a regular reader said...

This is great news Didier!

These docs have been out of reach for most of us, and I was afraid that they would fade away into obscurity like The Sweatbox (2002).

Probably no more Treasures tins this Fall, so these are a welcome consolation.

Mark Mayerson said...

Great news about the DVD documentaries. If only they'd include The Sweatbox.

Celbi P. said...

Well... this is great news now that Disney Treasures tins are in limbo! I would include The Sweatbox.

Todd Pierce said...

According to Bill Cotter, who regularly worked on the Treasures, there's none planned for this year. Though he hasn't commented on future years, it looks like they're probably done.

a regular reader said...

They're done in the sense that they probably won't be issuing any more, but there is still alot of unfinished business. I'm thinking about Hardy Boys, Swamp Fox, other animated rarities and theme park specials.

Meanwhile, these 3 docs belong in our collections, especially since hardly anyone has actually seen them.

Walt and El Grupo, for 1940s history of the studio,

The Boys, for an important part of the studio's musical history,

and Waking Sleeping Beauty, for the more recent 1980s-90s history.

While I'm waiting for those, I'm still working my way through the 2 Zorro tins, very enjoyable!

Jerome said...


I am looking for a book telling the ron Miller years, about animated and live films ?
Does this book exist ?

Thank your for your help.

i Love your blog.

Didier Ghez said...

No, it doesn't I am afraid.

Jerome said...

thank you for your answer.