Saturday, June 12, 2010


Let's suppose you were writting a book about the geniuses of the Golden Age of Disney animation: Fred Moore, Norm Ferguson, Bill Tytla, Ham Luske and Art Babbitt, what would you call it? The name needs to be both catchy and understandable by a wide audience (not just Disney historians), the way "The Nine Old Men" was.

Two clarifications:

- This book is not being written at the moment. This is purely a theoretical exercise.
- If this book were to be written, though, the names that would be suggested could definitely be used as title for the final product.

You ideas?


Bob DeLucia said...

The First Five Men

Unknown said...

Legendary Masters? Disney's Old Guard ?

Max said...

Hands of wizards
Five wizards
The base
They were the base
The strong base
Wizards of the beginning

It can be naive, but they were the present wizards and founders of style of Disney films.
It would be the interesting book!

Clement Glen said...

Celluloid Conjurers!

Masters of the Magic!

cdtoon said...

Disney's Five Young Men

Dorseytunes said...

Drawing The Future

Anonymous said...

"The Gods of Mount Olympus"

Floyd Norman said...

Character Witnesses
Disney's First Great Animators

The Other "Old Men"
Five Master Animators

Drawing Conclusions
Disney's Forgotten Five

Mark Sonntag said...

Disney's Lost Old Men
They Once Were Kings
Of Dwarfs and Five Men
Before Frank and Ollie
Walt And The Five

Celbi P. said...

A book about Fred Moore, Norm Ferguson, Bill Tytla, Ham Luske and Art Babbitt would be great! Even more after Canemaker´s Nine Old Men.

Now for the title... I did like "Legendary Masters"... they are masters! But I do like the chapter´s names from The Illusion of Life. Maybe it could be "Cartoon Comes of Age - Appeal and Dynamics". :-D

Bob DeLucia said...

had to add these two

(The) Hyperion Heavyweights
Before Disney's Nine Old Men

Hallmarks of Hyperion
Before Disney's Nine Old Men

Anonymous said...

Maybe "The Pentanimators" or "The Paranimators"?

Anonymous said...

The Five Young Men

Anonymous said...

The Hyperions. Or The Five Titans (Hyperion was as we know one of the twelve titans from greek mythology), or Disney's Titans.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Disney's Titans or Walt's Titans. As mentioned, there were twelve of them, six males and six females, while Walt was the Zeus of animation. Hyperion, one of the six male titans, was the studio. The other five were Moore, Ferguson, Tytla, Luske and Babbitt.