Friday, May 28, 2010

This just in from Tom Sito:

[I hope you are having a nice weekend. I just wanted you to know, so you can tell your Disney fan friends of a big art auction here in LA on behalf of a worthy cause. A young Disney animator named Pres Romanillos has been battling an advanced form of leukemia. He is on his second round of bone marrow transplants and chemo. Pres was the lead animator of the villain in MUHLAN. But even with insurance his medical bills are overwhelming. So the animation community is rallying to help.

There will be a reception at the animation guild in North Hollywood on Friday June 4th at 4:00PM, then the auction on June 20th, with stuff on e-bay and on-line for out of town bidders. The artwork collected to be sold is magnificent. An original Tytla Stromboli, Something from both Frank & Ollie, Tex Avery, Richard Williams, An Eric Goldberg Genie, a Glen Keane Pocahontas, Andreas Deja, John Pomeroy. I donated original drawings from Aladdin. I think there will be goodies for sale to suit all price ranges.

I'd appreciate it if you could pass the word on to your friends in the Disney Fan community. They can check the details at]

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Celbi P. said...

Pres Romanillos is really a nice guy. I had chance to exchange e-mails with him I think a time before my chat with Floyd Norman. Pres is a very kindly person, answered my questions and even promised a drawing. Unfortunately I lost contact when he left "Spirit" at DreamWorks.

I wish the very best for Pres and his family! My prayers are with you!