Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This new book will be released exclusively at Disneyland at the end of April.

Written by Jeff Kurtti, it's a beautiful volume but it is definitely aimed at your friends or relatives that do not know much about Disneyland history and want to start somewhere. The book is filled with excerpts of the old Disney News magazine, and of the books Disneyland Inside Story, Walt Disney's America and a few others. Most of the documents have also already been seen elsewhere, but overall the layout is excellent and the writting very enjoyable.

Bottom line: you won't learn or discover anything, but it's the perfect gift for all your friends if you want them to share your passion. That was Jeff Kurtti's and Marty Sklar's goal and they succeeded beautifully.

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Dr Bitz said...

There's always room for Jello. I'll buy one.