Sunday, April 18, 2010

This just in from Leslie Brooks:

[I have hundreds of animators gag drawings in my collection. There are many of them in which I can identify both the artist and the subjects of the drawings. However there are also a fairly substantial number for which I can identify only the artist or the subject or neither. I am looking for some help in this area.

For instance, in the first attached drawing, it’s pretty obvious that the subjects are Walt & Ub Iwerks. The question is WHO drew it? It might have been Ub himself or it may have been someone else. Considering how few artists were working at the time, in this case, the artist could only be one of a very small handful of people.

For later gags the “pool” of people is MUCH larger & it becomes tougher to identify both the artist & subjects. For instance, I can not figure anything for the “Pugsley Pout” drawing but the “Pulling Stockings” drawing looks like it could be by Freddy Moore. This may be an art class drawing so the subject would not be someone who could be identified.

In the case of “I Just Seen”. The people are Walt & Fred Kopietz and I think it was drawn by Kopietz.]

Can anyone help?

Leslie can be contacted at

He was kind enough to send me many other gag drawings that I will post on the blog within the next few days and weeks.

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