Friday, April 30, 2010

I received today the galleys of Walt's People - Volume 9. There were a few small corrections. We still seem to be on track for a release that will happen either around May 20th or June 8th.

By the way, I really went overboard this time around. The book is 541-long. Oooops.


gunnar said...

Wow, they really get thicker and thicker ! How will this end ?
No. 25: 2.000 pages ?

Anonymous said...

Hi,I love so much your blog!I am a big fan of Disney work,AND EVERY DAY i enter in this site.I am a fan from Brazil.Do you know about the new Disney Collection that will only be released in Brazil?It is called "Disney Literature Clasics"with italian parodies of the classic literature.

Maz said...

As always the more the better.