Monday, February 15, 2010

The very secret autobiography of Roy Williams?

We know that Roy Williams released two collections of funny sketches while at Disney, one in 1949 called How's the Back View Coming Along? and another one in 1957, The Secret World of Roy Williams.

But did he ever write an autobiography? According to one reader of the blog, he did and there was a copy available in one of the internal libraries of Walt Disney World.

Apparently the text contained some racy material.

Do any of you know about this book? Does it really exist? Can you tell us anything about it?


Paula said...

The Secret World of Roy Williams was published in 1957 by Bantam--at the moment two copies are being offered by third party sellers via Amazon. How's the Back View Coming Along was published in 1949 by Dutton.

Michael Sporn said...

A good chunk of THE SECRET WORLD can be found on line at Mike Lynch's blog: