Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two exciting upcoming books that I just discovered on Amazon today:

- Walt Disney Animation Studios The Archive Series: Design

[Whether it consists of quick sketches on a lunch counter napkin, elaborate paintings in oils or watercolors, or dazzling computer renderings, the unparalleled creative process of Disney artists is lavishly showcased in Design, the third volume of The Walt Disney Animation Studios - The Archive Series. Among the incredible talents featured in this volume are Albert Hurter, Ferdinand Horvath, Joe Grant, Maurice Noble, Gustaf Tenggren, Tyrus Wong, Kay Nielsen, David Hall, Mel Shaw, Mary Blair, Bianca Majolie, Yale Gracey, Eyvind Earle, Walt Peregoy, Ken Anderson, James Coleman, Jean Gillmore, Rowland Wilson, Glen Keane, Chris Sanders, Andreas Deja, Mike Gabriel, Mike Giaimo, Hans Bacher, Chen Yi Chang, Paul Felix, Aaron Blaise, Ian Gooding, and John Musker. Design represents a rare opportunity to again enjoy a glimpse into the truly spectacular trove of treasures from the Walt Disney Animation Research Library.]

- The Art and Making of Tron: Legacy

[The 160-page high-end book, The Art and Making of Tron: Legacy takes fans inside the making of the upcoming Tron film. Full of beautiful concept illustrations, set designs, character bios, film scenes, and introductions and afterwords, The Art and Making of Tron: Legacy will be a must for collectors and fans. The slightly oversized landscape trim format, the cover effects, and the gatefolds will also make this a unique and stunning addition to anyone's coffee table.]

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