Friday, February 19, 2010

This just in from Tor Odemark:

[We have been working for 1,5 years now with an exhibition, inviting cartoonists from all over the world to send us a drawing of Donald the way they see him at the age of 75. The list has become quite impressive, as you may see, ages rangesfrom 24 to 91, 6 out of 7 continents are represented etc. The last one we received was from legendary Joe Kubert! So please enjoy the list for awhile, and I'll pick you up at the end of it...

Andreasson, Johan - Sweden
Blackmore, Brian - USA
Bordier, Olivier - France
Bunk, Tom(as) - USA
Bye, Arne (JE) - Norway
Capezzone, Thierry - France
Cau, Mario - Brazil
Dantas, Bira - Brazil
Dias, Ron - USA
Errazu, Carlos "Kalitos" - Spain
Fatunla, Tayo - Nigeria / UK
Feldstein, Al - USA
Ferdinand, Ron - USA
Glez, Damien - Burkina Faso
Goodin, Robert - USA
Grace, Bud - USA
Graff, Finn - Norway
Grethe & Norunn - Norway
Gunnarsson, Joakim - Sweden
Hamilton, Marcus - USA
Helgeland, Charlotte - Norway
Hook, Geoff - Australia
Ito, Willie - USA
Jippes, Daan - Holland
Jurado, Santi - Spain
Klein, Rob - USA
Kumar, Pran - India
Lee, Reggie - Malaysia
Lockman, Vic - USA
Lungu, M'theto - Malawi
Madsen, Frank - Denmark
Maher, Alex - USA
McWilliams, Barry - USA
Midthun, Arild - Norway
Milton, Freddy - Denmark
Moratha (Antonio José) - Spain
Ndula, Victor - Kenya
Nestablo Ramos Neto - Brasil
Nærum, Knut - Norway
Olsen, Gunnar - Norway
Quassim, Andreas - Sweden
Quién, Jorge - Argentina
Sanden, Solveig Muren - Norway
Schliebener, Catalina - Chile
Souza, Caio "Yo" - Brazil
Tunin, Sergei - Russia
Tzaboura, Maria - Greece
Van Horn, William - Canada
Wolverton, Monte - USA
XCAR - Carlos Pérez - Spain
Yalaz, Sevket - Turkey
Aasnes, Håkon - Norway
Rice, Ingrid - Canada
Johansson, Ted - Sweden
Kubert, Joe - USA
Cedraz, Antonio - Brazil

The exhibit is going to be displayed at Villa Fridheim - an adventure story museum - all summer, before being sent around Norway, to begin with.

If you take a look at Tayo Fatunla's blog, you'll get an idea what we have been working on.

This is only to give you a vague idea that we had a tiny idea over here in Norway in September of 2008, that turned into something so far beyond our wildest ecspectations. Personally I have dreamed about having Al Williamson as the final part of this, but I haven't found a way to reach him.]


Yulian said...

Woww!! Donald Duck is always my favorite Disney character!! And I'd really love to participate with the other cartoonists. Is it possible?

Tor said...

That should still be possible, as we are awaiting 3 legends to turn in their tribute to Donald - Willie Ito, Floyd Norman and Mort Walker!

(",) Tor

Yulian said...

That would be cool! How could I send my tribute?

Anonymous said...

I wrote a message to you on your email, Yulian - please let me know if you got it.

(",) Tor

Yulian said...

I got it, Tor.
Dear Didier, sorry for I wrote here asking about participating in Donald's celebration.