Friday, January 22, 2010

Walt Disney's First Lady of Imagineering is first and foremost a tribute to Harriet Burns. Not a biography, not an in-depth look at her career, but a celebration of the human being through the persons who knew her, be they friends, colleagues or family.

If you enjoy knowing the human being behind the Imagineer and if you like to see really unusual documents linked to Disney and Disney history, then this book is for you. If you are looking forward to reading a few short but insightful interviews with Harriet you will also enjoy the book.

If you are expecting an in-depth, structured retelling of Harriet's life filled with work-related illustrations, then you should pass.

The page below will give you an idea of the type of structure and content the book adopted. My only regret: I wished there were slightly more Disney-related documents and slightly less personal photos, but that's a detail.

Overall the book is a pure delight and the best thing next to having actually known Harriet.

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