Sunday, January 10, 2010

Here is some very exciting and unexpected news from John Donaldson about a book I did not know was in preparation:

[After many years of work, I am pleased to announce, my memoir biography, "Warp and Weft: Life Canvas of Herbert Ryman" is about to be published. Four hundred pages, with forty-six pages of notes... The website about it can be found here.]

Update: This book is highly problematic and should be read with an extremely critical mind.


Mark Sonntag said...

Let's hope it'll be on Amazon for non US customers. Publisher does not accept non US Paypal accounts.

Dr Bitz said...

His site did not come up from the link. Herb was a good friend and I would like to know more about the book.

Dr Bitz said...

The author has added an audio clip of Herb Ryman discussing the fate of his estate. Very powerful and moving.