Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Here is the Christmas gift I mentioned yesterday, courtesy of Are Myklebust:

[I promised to come back to the “Disney History Discovery” made by Gunnar and me.

The premiere date of the short “Steamboat Willie” here in Norway has been unclear, but after some research at National Library in our capital Oslo, we finally found it! The daily Norwegian newspaper “Aftenposten” (“The Evening Post”), published in Oslo, announces in its issue published on March 24, 1930 that “Steamboat Willie” will premiere that same evening together with the musical film “Love Comes Along” (from 1930), starring Bebe Daniels.

See the attachment below – a scan of the original advertisement. Notice the wrong spelling of the title, “Steemboat Willie” (sic).

It was even a small ad about its premiere in the same newspaper the week before (attachment above).]

Merry Xmas to you all. I will be in Morocco until the 29th of December and will try and post something on the 30th. If not, I wish you all also a great new year.

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Kim Berry said...

That is so interesting! It's crazy how one little mouse can be so popular all over the globe! =)