Monday, November 16, 2009

A site that I had not visited in a while is Carsten Laqua's. I was astounded when I did so on Friday by the number of first rate items from the '30s that he is selling. If you are a serious collector, the site is definitely worth the visit, especially the pre-WWII Disneyana section.

Take for example the above poster. Here is its description:

[German film poster from 1934.

This is the only known copy of this version. It's a lithograph printed on two sheets, Measuring 198 x 125 cm it is the largest known German pre-war-poster known to exist. It is also one of only three known German pre-war-poster using the official Disney Characters. All others were drawn by Geman artists (showing some odd interpretations of Mickey Mouse).

It is in perfect condition.]

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