Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I received yesterday a copy of Pierre Lambert's new art book about The Jungle Book. If you already own Pierre Lambert's astounding books about Mickey, Snow White and Pinocchio, you know what to expect. Otherwise you are in for a shock.

His books are the most lavish art books ever produced about Disney movies. They are huge and full of extremely high quality reproductions of pre-production artwork, backgrounds and key set-ups.

The texts are usually very short but well-written (in French) and well-researched, but you do not miss much if you do not speak French. You are paying for the art which fills 99% of each book.

Particular highlights of this new book: the section about the vultures, which contains dozens of beautiful documents I had never seens anywhere else; a great background from the "monkey's kingdom" that includes several fuzzy areas to give the feeling of speed; a stunning concept painting by Walt Peregoy of the man village. This is just the very top of the iceberg, obviously.

Clearly this book will be part of my top-5 of the 2009 releases. Definitely a "must-have".


Unknown said...

Is there any word on if there will be an English language version? Otherwise this one is on my must-have list as well!

Lionel said...

The book is indeed magnificent, as were Pierre Lambert’s previous books.

One very minor quibble, however: it’s disappointing that he refers to the little girl as “Shanti”. To the best of my knowledge, at the time of the movie’s release, she was always known as “The girl”. She came to be known as “Shanti” with the release of “Jungle Book II”, so this should be quite rightfully ignored by everyone.

But that doesn’t prevent the book from being a true beauty and a masterpiece in its own right..

Mark Sonntag said...

I have the French Snow White book, you don't really need an English version of these books. As Didier says, it's the art that makes these books.

Thanks for the review Didier, now I'll order it.

Floyd Norman said...

This sounds exciting. Even I can learn a few things about the movie I worked on nearly fifty years ago.