Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thanks to Jérémie Noyer for having spotted these three photos on ebay. I knew some of them, not all.


gunnar said...

Photo no. 2:

From left:
Walt Disney
Albert Hurter
Frenchy de Trémaudan
Dick Huemer (sitting)
Clyde Geronimi
Hugh Hennesy (?)
Art Babbitt
Norm Ferguson
Wilfred Jackson
Bill Roberts

gunnar said...

I forgot: to the right of Hurter:
Leigh Harline

Are Myklebust said...

You have forgotten person number 3 from the left; Ted Sears.

Any idea when these photos was taken? My guess is around 1934.

Mark Sonntag said...

Most likely 1934 by Clarence Sinclare Bull

Are Myklebust said...

My mistake; it's Leigh Harline, not Ted Sears.

Maz said...

Do you have any idea what project the Penguins are modeling for?

Didier Ghez said...

The short Peculiar Penguins.