Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Someone is selling on ebay a copy of the 1940 Fantasia book by Deems Taylor autographed to Sally Holmes by a huge number of Disney artists. Despite some hillarious claims (the seller believes that one of the drawings was created by Dave Disney - the confirmed nickname of Walt (!!) - when the drawing is in fact by Dave Detiege) the quality of this piece is truly exceptional. You can see more drawings at this link.

Who was Sally Holmes, by the way?


Christopher James Doyle said...

It's incredible how many drawings are in Fred Moore's style. Just goes to show his huge influence still by 1946.
Milt Kahl's comment is priceless and SO in character! Even when signing a goodbye he can't get that 'I'm the best' thing out of his mind.

OntheLot said...

Sally Homes an Inbetweener with Disney from 1950-1958.

David said...

OntheLot, thanks for that info. about Sally Holmes.

Was the Sally Holmes who was an inbetweener at Disney from 1950 - 1958 the SAME Sally Holmes who was leaving the studio in the 1940's , occasioning the signed Fantasia "going away" book ? Did she come back to the studio a few years later in the 50's ?

Would appreciate any additional details.